Walmart iPad App Launch

Walmart is the world's largest retailer, and their mobile team decided it was time to launch their first iPad app.

And I got to be involved! This was an exciting and rapid process, with a slim and smart team, working on a 7-week design deadline.

When I joined the team, concept design was complete and the project was in need of polished wireframe sets for each main feature.

... ... ... ...

Defining transitions and animations for the big and small interactions of the app was key both for hand-off to dev, and for the internal business team's understanding of the system design.

... ... ... ...

The iPad e-commerce system was new. We designed it with both the current business requirements and touch-screen conventions/innovations in mind.

... ... ... ...

It was hard work and late nights. Our team had a great chemistry with the talented Walmart mobile team. It was exhilerating taking the project through the finish line, and seeing it launch on the iTunes market.

...and right as we took a breath, they wanted new features!

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