PayPal Merchant Site Redesign

When you think of Paypal, you typically think of the consumer experience: paying with Paypal. The other side of Paypal's business provides merchants the ability to accept money through Paypal.

Through Publicis' long-time partnership with Paypal, my work was focused on launching the merchant site redesign and Paypal's new point of sale payment device, Here.

Wireframing worked well to get discussion and agreement around important user interactions, such as call to actions...

wireframe wireframe

... and content emphasis.

wireframe wireframe

Wireframing was sprinkled with a plethora of iterations on the sitemap.


When appropriate, I showed user flows to illustrate existing sequences of interaction for the user and recommended changes.

sitemap sitemap

As we got closer to launch, it would often be useful for me to show and discuss responsive design concepts with teams at Paypal.


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