Nestwise Curriculum Design

Nestwise, a financial services start-up in San Francisco, teamed up with Hot Studio to provide design thinking to their new suite of financial programs.

Nestwise came in with passion and loads of content for 5 financial programs based on the behavior-change philosophy of BJ Fogg.

After a content audit, competitive analysis and workshopping, we transformed the brand information into an ecosystem diagram and I mapped each part of the brand experience to a set of related use cases.

Ecosystem Use Cases

To break through the ambiguity of the visionary phase, I juxtaposed personas onto user scenarios to bring the program experience to life.

Sketches User Scenario

We provided 3 conceptual models and their inherited strengths and weaknesses.

Sketches Strength/Weaknesses

After a decisionon the concept direction, I produced an end-to-end set of screen flows for the chosen design.

Screenflow Screenflow

Naturally, some content strategy needs emerged...

Content types Curriculum

For launch, I worked closely with dev to spec out a 45+ page document of the interaction details for the build.

Flows Annotations

In a little over 2 months, we helped infuse design thinking into Nestwise's core team at a critical point in their company's history. It was a pleasure to work with a team so passionate and we were all rewarded with the launch of their new programs at the end of this process.

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